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If you are looking for a professional painting company that will offer quality craftsmanship, transforming your home to that new look you’ve been dreaming of. There’s a reason we are the go-to Overland Park painters; we’ve been offering dependable, premium paint jobs at competitive rates for years.


We are a Full-service House Painting Services


We offer unparalleled and exceptional residential and commercial painting and remodeling service. We have set the standard high in the Overland Park area by providing outstanding, quality services that speak for itself. In the business of painting and remodeling, time is a valuable commodity, which is why we spend less time transforming your property and let you have more time admiring our finished product. Our clients are like family, and that is why we make a point of including them in their property’s transformation process. Our specialized uniformed team will be in and out of your premises in no time with zero damages and inconveniences.


  • As a full-service painting contractor, we offer a wide range of services, including:
  • Interior painting services to bring back the fresh glow of every room in your home
  • Exterior painting service to boost and preserve your home’s appeal protecting it from elements
  • Commercial painting services to boost your business environment for both your clients and employees
  • Property management programs ideal for real estate agents, property and apartment managers, and anyone else looking for regular painting services.
  • Color consultation, let our experienced Overland Park staff help you pick colors that will highlight and compliment your home

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Our Painting Process – Why We’re #1 in Overland Park


When you are ready to begin your new painting project, our technicians will meet you at your property for a quick, and professional evaluation. During this process, we will discuss the details, including paint color, room size, and when you’d like us to transform your spaces. Before paint day, our technicians will again get in touch with you to confirm the details, including the start time. On paint day, we will send our team of professional uniformed Overland Park painters on time!


While time is essential, we won’t rush into layer the paint but begin with prep work. This will make sure our paintwork lasts for the long haul. We have zero damage to a client property policy, and therefore, during the prep work, we will protect your floor, landscaping, and personal belongings from paint drip. After all the prep work is done, we will complete your paint job in no time.


After the paint job, we won’t just leave and slap you with an invoice; we will gather our supplies and material and walk you through our process, after which we will provide a written guarantee. After all, we are confident in our team’s process!


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It doesn’t matter if you are looking to paint a single accent wall or give your home a full makeover; We can help you get your desired results in record time. Contact us today on the phone or online and set up a consultation. Our customer care representatives will be more than glad to offer all the help you need. We’re a A+ rated painting contractors BBB with the painting experience to give you our best work.


How Does it Costs to Get My Home Painted?

Some of the prime benefits you will get from giving your property a fresh coat of paint include wether you’re looking for interior house painting or exterior painting:

• Increased your Overland Park property value
• Better curb appeal (for exterior painting projects)
• More visibility and ability to attract potential tenants (for commercial properties)
• Rejuvenating the look and feel in the interior of your property

With that in mind, you may be wondering… How much will painting my property set me back? Truth be told, there are a lot of factors that determine the overall cost of a painting project as the list below will show.

Factors That Will Determine the Cost of Painting Your Property In Overland Park

1. The Size of the Project

Huge projects will cost more than small projects. This is because there will be more manpower, supplies, and surfaces to be covered in a huge painting project.

2. The Number of Paint Coats to be Applied

Depending on the state of the existing coat of paint on your property, you may be forced to start painting from scratch. This will mean that more coats of paint will have to be applied across all surfaces. More coats of paint will mean more batches of paint and work hours which will in turn translate to higher overall costs.

3. The Type and Quality of Paint

Different types of paints come at varying prices. High-quality paints come at a high cost but they also tend to be more durable and provide exceptionally alluring finishes. If you are looking for quality results that will last for a long time to come, go for high-quality paint brands.

4. Permits

In almost all instances, it will be necessary for your painter to seek approval permits before commencing on a project. The cost of permits usually varies depending on the authorizing authority. The overall fees that you pay your painter will include permit fees.

5. Equipment Needed for House Painting

Depending on the type of building that you want painted, you may need specialist equipment for the project to be undertaken safely and successfully. For example, the equipment that will be needed when painting a high-rise building will be different from the gear needed to paint a single-storey house. The leasing of specialist equipment and gear can increase the costs of completing a painting job.

6. The Painting Design

Sometimes, you may need intricate patterns and shapes painted on your property. Note that more complex painting tasks usually attract higher fees. This is because the painter will need more time to tape and prep and perhaps even different types of paint to complete the project. Interior  Painting vs Exterior painting also accounts for costs.

7. Underlying Maintenance Issues

Painting new wooden surfaces is not the same as painting over old or dilapidated surfaces. Old surfaces will require more work such as sanding and smoothing before they can be painted over. This will attract more fees from your painter. Simply put, buildings that have underlying maintenance issues will attract higher painting costs compared to new buildings in good condition.

8. The Fee Model and Rate of Your painting job

Depending on the project, your painter can either charge an hourly fee or charge per square feet. It is also important to note that different painters attach varying fees for their services. The fee model and rates applied by your painter will have the most significant impact on how much you are charged for your upcoming painting project.

The best way to identify a Overland Park painter who is within your budget range is to first identify and specify what you want after a painting project is done and then invite qualified and experienced painters to bid for the job at hand. This will give you the chance to go through each applicant’s resume and portfolio as well as compare the cost estimates given by the most suitable candidates. Remember we’re locally owned with local painters right in Overland Park, KS.



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